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Chicago Women In Action


Alayna "Laynie" Kuhlmann

Alexis "V" Vasiliadis

Amanda "Scottie" Scott

Avery Haynes

Celeste Jenkins

Dawn Lee

Elizabeth Flint

Emilie Lozier

Emily Stevenson

Hania Dziurdzik

Hannah Thompson

India Williams

Isabella Grisoli

Erica Yoder

Jeniffer Mota

Laura Nevill

Maria Bakir

Maria Melchor

Mariel Garza

Mary Howard

Mary Reilly

Melissa Pratt

Momoko "Momo" Nakamura

Nahia Frias Bilbao

Nicole Bure

Nora Kennelly

Rea Taci

Sabra Duarte

Sara Ocytko (Captain)

Silvanna McDaniel

Taniya "T" West

Vivian Smith

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